Hormones Replacement Therapy


When will I see results while using bioidentical hormones?

Results will vary between individuals and their hormone therapy. You can expect to see benefits in a few weeks and full results within three to six months. Your body needs some time to balance your hormones and adjust to the treatment. 

As each person is unique, so is their body chemistry, and therefore individual results will vary.

Can HRT make your hair thin?

Recent research validates the idea that women look younger while taking hormone replacement therapy because of the impact that HRT has on changing their skin and hair. Most female menopausal women find that their hair quality changes considerably as they take HRT. 

Nonetheless, there are a few women who reported hair loss during HRT, although it was a very small minority.

Do only older people need to take hormone replacement therapy?

Hormonal imbalances can happen at any point of one’s life. You may be an ideal candidate for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy if you suffer from multiple chronic symptoms such as; frequent headaches, restlessness, fatigue, dry skin, mood swings, and/or weight gain. 

Over time, certain events in our lives can contribute to an imbalance in our bodies, including lack of exercise and good food.

What are the side effects associated with bioidentical hormones?

Hormone therapy may have a few potential side effects that are usually related to dosage. As your hormone levels increase, your dose may change. If you experience side effects, please contact a professional at Relive Medical immediately.

  • Increased aggressiveness
  • Acne
  • Irritability
  • For women: breast tenderness, spotting, cramping, and bloating
  • Itching or redness at the injection or insertion site

These side effects may occur initially but resolve over time as hormone levels balance and the body responds to treatment. 

Please discuss the benefits and risks of HRT with a professional at Relive Medical, considering your age, past and current medical conditions, risk factors, and personal preferences.

Will this treatment interfere with my prescribed medications?

It is always a good idea to double check this with a medical health professional. Medications could interfere with bioidentical hormones if the medications contain hormones such as birth control and certain acne medicines.

In many instances, such drugs will not be required again once hormones are balanced. 

If you are taking any medications or supplements, please talk with a medical professional at Relive Medical to make sure that any interaction would not have any harmful effects.

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