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The Holiday Guide to Working Out

Finding the time and the motivation to exercise can be a real challenge, especially during the busiest season of the year. With extra time off of work to spend at home, we are tempted to settle into the familiar routines of unwinding and relaxing. Travel specific workouts can keep you on track with your training routine and help you to avoid unwanted setbacks. If you want to use your downtime to stay active, travel-friendly exercises are essential for consistency.

These workouts require little to no equipment. They can be completed anywhere that you’ll be in the next few weeks.

Hotel Room Workout

Are you traveling for work or to visit family and don’t want to use the gym at your hotel? Perhaps the place where you are staying doesn’t have a gym. Fear not, ReliveMD has several experienced personal trainers who can help design a specialized workout based on your needs. They take your fitness level into account during the planning process so that you can to get maximum results from your routine, even when you’re away from home.

10 Minute Total Body Workout

If time is a limiting factor, and you only have ten minutes of free time, use this four-move exercise routine to help keep you in shape. This is a great one to do before you head to your holiday dinner or to your next meeting. This routine doesn’t require any equipment; and it’s only necessity is a few moments of time.

Five Step Stretch Sequence

Another way to relieve stress after a long drive or plane ride is with a stretch and breath-work routine. Surfer Laird Hamilton’s stretch workout is easy and simple to do with enough floorspace in your room, wherever that may be.

The Most Underrated Workout? Walking

If the weather is cooperative in your area, plan a day out with your family and friends by taking a walk in the local park. A study conducted by the University of Alabama found that spending twenty minutes in a park can make you happier whether or not you have a fitness goal in mind.

Being in nature not only has physical benefits, it also helps to reduce stress and mental fatigue. No matter your fitness level and age, walking is one of the best aerobic workouts out there.

If you are in a city, make it a point to explore the town a bit with your loved ones, or even by yourself.

Final Notes

Traveling will make you thirstier and possibly more tired than usual, so remember to drink extra water before, during, and after your exercise. Try to schedule decent time for sleep as well. Pack nutritious snacks while you are out of your normal exercise cycle. This can help prevent overeatting, as well as to help tide you over if there will be longer periods of time in between meals.

Need more help with finding the perfect holiday fitness plan? ReliveMD can create a custom travel workout routine that will help you keep your fitness goals on point, leaving you with enough time and energy to enjoy the holidays.

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