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Are You a Beginner Who Wants to Work Out? Just Do It

You’re ready to shed a few pounds and to get fit, but you’re not sure which routine to try, or even where to begin. Arriving at the gym is half of the battle. It can often be intimidating, as it seems like everyone there is in outstanding shape. Without a personal trainer, it can be hard to know which exercises to do, and how to not just stand around looking silly.

Several beginner routines have been proven to increase strength, build endurance, maintain bone density, and improve balance. According to the CDC, strength training lessens signs of arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, obesity, and back pain. It even helps to preserve brain function as we age.

Setting realistic goals, eating healthy, starting small, and consistency are all essential first steps on the path to better fitness.

Get Yourself To the Gym

This is often said to be the biggest challenge to any fitness routine. It helps to arrange your schedule around this aspect of your day. You are much more likely to show up if you’ve mentally committed. Set out a gym bag and water bottle, along with anything else that you may need. If the thought of other people judging you is a factor, keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere.

Given enough time and commitment, you can be in the same shape that they are in now. Perhaps it’s the lack of energy that keeps you at bay? Start eating healthy, and give yourself the gift of natural energy. Do yourself a favor by always including stretches in your warm-up and cooldown routines.

If you’re worried about looking like a fool who has no routine or direction, feel free to ask someone how to use a certain piece of equipment. Fitness lovers often see this as a compliment and are more than happy to explain or to help you with your form.
Many times, you can find a particular set or rep tutorial on Youtube. The personal trainers at ReliveMD are happy to work with you to find a healthy balance of what will push you to healthy growth without the potential for causing injury.

They can also help you design the perfect meal plan to match your health goals. After all, great abs start in the kitchen!

Start Small – Don’t Over Do it!

The saying “no pain, no gain” is widely adapted for a good reason. However, learning to detect the difference between a sore muscle and an injury is crucial to a healthy workout. This is why it helps to have a personal trainer who can help create a plan tailored to your ability. They can map out exercises that will help you feel the burn without getting scorched.

One key to this is to set realistic goals. It is easy to get carried away in the early stages of a new habit. For example, you say that you’ll do “15 reps of this for 5 sets”, which may not be attainable. If you know that this is beyond your physical ability, start small until your stamina builds.

Don’t forget to monitor your progress when you first begin. This may sound silly, but taking a selfie is a great way to track personal gains. It may also motivate you to keep going.

Consistency is Key

That being said, it is essential to keep showing up for yourself. If you don’t have a personal trainer to keep you accountable, it may be helpful to have a gym buddy. Even if it’s just someone who you text to check in with, you are more likely to go.

Some days will feel monotonous or boring, but if you keep returning and don’t stop pushing yourself, you will see results. Use the fruit of your labor as motivation to further excel. You may end up being the one showing the scared beginner how to properly use the equipment.

Although getting started can be scary at first, but remember that all journeys begin at some point. Let yours start with attainable goals, action plans, and accountability. If you adhere to these steps and remember that everyone else was once a novice, you will be in shape before you know it.

The best thing that you can do is to show up for yourself. Nike was right with its famous campaign slogan: Just Do It.

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