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Stuck at Home and Can’t Go to the Gym? 8 Home Workouts You Can Do Now

Spending more time at home should be a boost to your productivity and health, but sometimes the reverse can be true. Some of us are more distracted than ever with daily chores, social media, and entertainment options that we push off exercising more and more.

Forget about it someday. Here are a few exercises to work out at home and stay active to achieve your goals!

Skipping Ropes

If the last time you used skipping ropes was when you were a young child, take a trip down memory lane with skipping ropes. They are an amazing cardio workout that burns fat and works on your cardio endurance.

Just 10 minutes of skipping ropes can burn serious calories! Take them out when you are in the mood for a fun cardio workout.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a flexible form of workout you can do almost anywhere. They can help build stronger leg muscles. Stronger legs ensure that you can stand for long stretches of time, and we look healthier and sleep better.


Planks are fantastic for total body toning. They help you work all the muscles while toning your core. If you do not enjoy planks, try once a day for 30-60 seconds. The more you do, the better you will be! Time your planks and watch yourself get better the more you do them.


Doing 15 to 20 squats a day can give you those toned legs, core, and bottom. Start by standing with your legs a little more than a hip-width apart with your toes slightly pointing out.

Tighten your core, bend your knees, and squat! Tighten your bottom as you come back up. It can fit into any routine, so add squats to a workout or do some during your workday.


Ten minutes of weightlifting with proper gym equipment can give your body an overall tone. If you usually go to the gym and don’t have your own gym equipment, then you can work out at home with a little creativity.

Wine bottles or canned goods can help you feel the burn and give you a bit of resistance with exercises like upward rows and bicep curls.

Push Ups

Push-ups are great for building strength and helping you supercharge your fitness results. Cannot do a push-up yet? Start on your knees and engage your core and glutes while keeping your shoulders rolled back. Over time, you will improve and can go on to a full push-up.


Lunges can work wonders for a toned lower body. Stand straight, roll your shoulders back, tighten your core, and step one foot forward, and lunge until your front knee is above your ankle. Press your front heel down to push yourself back to a standing position. Add this move to any of your workout circuits.

Circuit Training

If you are short on time and want a total body workout, circuit training is the best choice for you. It is usually a sequence of five to ten exercises with no breaks in between.

A circuit training workout can go from planks to squats to push-ups and lunges until it fatigues you. It is part of strength training and part cardio, making it one of the most effective workouts.

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