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Why Physical Activity is Important for Your Health and Wellbeing?

Let’s face it—we could all use help in boosting our mood and improving our health from time to time. We get stressed when life becomes challenging, and our overall well being suffers.

If you want an instant mood booster, start moving your body. Not only will you feel more upbeat, but you will put more effort into staying active and reach your fitness goals.  

Want to know more about the importance of physical activity? Here is what you need to know.

Lifts Your Mood

Research has found yoga may help lessen feelings of anxiety and depression. If you feel you are on edge, roll out your mat and find your yoga flow.

Practice at least a few times a week, and if you can go for a quick morning yoga session, you may surprise yourself on its relaxing effects on your mood and health.

Stay Fit and Focused

Lifting weights not only increases muscle strength but improves your mind. According to one study, weightlifting may increase cognitive function. So start lifting weights to get more focused as you go through your workday.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy

If you want to clear your mind and boost your mood, think about cardio. A study found that people watching over four hours of television a day had an 80% higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

You will feel sweaty after a cardio session, but all the endorphins released afterward will make you feel ten times better.

Improves Your Lifespan

A balanced body and mind lead to a longer life, even with moderate amounts of exercise. Older people who frequently exercise have a decreased mortality rate of 22%. People who go for moderate to intensive exercise rates enjoy a decreased risk of 28%.

Other Great Benefits of Physical Activity

As we age, we may experience a loss of bone mass and density. Regular exercise helps you maintain your balance and mobility. Stronger bones also reduce the risk of falling, which is the number one cause of injury among older people.

Exercise may diminish the risk of diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis, and high cholesterol. The discomfort and swelling from arthritis can be managed by lubricating your joints.

There is also evidence of physical exercise improving the immune system by minimizing the risk of certain emerging cancers like breast cancer and colon cancer.

At the end of the day, our situations do not define us, but the way we respond and react. Take 20 to 30 minutes out of your day to work out and go from feeling grouchy to great.

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