Relive Medical Telemedicine

What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a way to talk about the ways in which patients and doctors can use digital tools to communicate in real-time. Telemedicine allows for easy online consultation that works for both the patient’s and doctor’s schedules without having to use a waiting room.

While telemedicine refers to the broader field of healthcare, It is specific to physicians who provide clinical services. Specifically, it is not only a question of remote clinical care but also of sending prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy.

Why Telemedicine is helpful for physical distancing

Telemedicine is useful in situations where patients need to exercise physical distance or are unable to visit a health facility in person.

Additionally, all prescriptions and medicines can be delivered directly to the patient’s house, allowing the patient to continue to be physically distant. It can also use technology that maintains physical distancing.

An example of the technology used in telemedicine is the use of portable devices to monitor and monitor vital signs. Patients can easily measure themselves.

Telemedicine allows for faster treatment

Specialists and doctors can offer their services to a larger number of patients via telemedicine. Telemedicine patients often get faster and cheaper results than patients getting in-house treatment.

It effectively facilitates doctor consultations and connects individuals with their healthcare provider when they are in the clinic – interactions between people are clinically unnecessary.

Interactive medicine, also known as live telemedicine, allows patients and doctors to communicate remotely while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Telemedicine is rising in popularity due to COVID-19

It’s no surprise that It is rising due to the social distancing restrictions put in place by COVID-19. If you’re interested in using it to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, contact our medical experts at Relive Medical Fitness for an initial online consultation.

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