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ReliveMD is recognized in the field of Preventive Medicine. Our innovative clinic and compounding pharmacy employs a staff of administrative and medical professionals who possess extensive experience in the treatment of hormonal deficiency.
Every year, our proven track record of success in the field of Hormone Replacement attracts patients to our facility in Arvada CO.
With our commitment to quality, compliance and patient satisfaction, Relive delivers significant value and exceptional care to our clients.

About Professional Weight Loss Help

Weight loss is more than just weight loss; it’s about looking happier and being healthier. Our practical weight loss approach has proven successful and easy to use. Our expert team of physicians and medical staff members will create and review a safe weight management program after your first appointment with us.

Do you feel like you are having a harder time losing the extra
pounds? Are you tire of yoyo-ing on and off the latest fad
diets? Let’s stop the nonsense. We can help you isolate the
problem and set you on a path to a better, healthier lifestyle. 

Successful weight loss is dependent on three practices:

  • Balanced diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Great sleep habits

Armour Thyroid

Hypothyroidism is a state in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough of the two thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones influence the growth and maturation of tissues, increase energy expenditure, and affect the turnover of essentially all substrates. Armour thyroid contains both levothyroxine and liothyronine; these two hormones possess all actions of endogenous thyroid hormones. The combination of the two bio-identical hormones help balance your thyroid production without stimulating your thyroid to stop working


Phentermine affects the appetite-regulating region of the
brain called the hypothalamus. They work by blocking
the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine, which
create the feeling of satiety received after a big meal. A
feeling of fullness can occur.

Lipotropics and B12

Lipotropic injections are used to help release fat
throughout the body by specifically targeting it’s primary
fatty deposits. Injections can be administered up to
twice per week, and vitamin b-12 is purported by
practitioners and users to help accelerate metabolic
processes, while creating a greater feeling of overall
energy. Since lipotropics directly aid in the breakdown of
fatty tissue, when used together, they are thought to
intensify each others’ effects.

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